Friday, December 6, 2013

A Workshop

Celebrate the joy of winter and the warmth of the holidays in a renovated Mill 
tucked away in a tiny farming village. Gather around a table filled with bundles of 
foraged greens, berries and natural elements to tie into festive holiday arrangements. 
Learn how to use nature's inspiration for wrapping gifts to give away. 
Come away with a little something to adorn your tree, a wreath to hang on your 
door and perhaps a garland or two that we created together during a continual flow 
of conversation, sweet treats and hot spiced cider. As the afternoon winds down, 
a spread of hearty savory offerings invite you to linger a little longer then planned.

Hosted by Hope Helmuth and Amy Showalter from Spring Creek Roller Mills, 
Katie Schmid of The Pinwheel Collective, and Sara Christensen from The Lady Jane Shop

Visit Kinfolk's website to purchase tickets.



  1. This is truly wonderful! What a huge honor for your to host with Kinfolk!! You and Amy together, what a fabulous duo. I wish I could come! :)

  2. AMAZING! I am seriously speechless a little bit....what a dream come true!

  3. how I would love to come, but I think your alittle to far from me. bummer. I'm from Lebanon PA