Saturday, June 20, 2015

Low Country Boil

I threw a party for my good friend, Amy, last evening. Once in a great awhile you run across friends like her. Someone who appreciates what you appreciate. It makes doing things together twice the fun. Food is our common ground; creating it, critiquing it and realizing the importance of wholesome food. 

We made low country boil over the fire. A perfect summer meal. It's easy and it's good.




  1. Much more elegant than other low country boil dinners I've seen, where the food is thrown out on a plastic tablecloth and everyone eats with their fingers. =)

  2. This is amazing! Now my low country boil meals are going to need some help in the pretty-ness department. :)

  3. Wow, what a beautiful set-up. Low country boils are one of my favorite things about summer, but I haven't ever been to one as elegant as this.

  4. I love low-country boil! Some of our friends are hosting one on July 4th and I'm so super excited. :D

  5. Beautiful pictures! I'm wondering whether you'd consider sharing the recipe you use for the low country boil? I'd like to do something similar for friends but I've only ever tasted it, never tried throwing one myself. Jo from WI