Monday, July 20, 2015

A realistic photo shoot...

I've been wanting to take Caroline's 1 year photos for awhile now and this evening the sun was setting just perfect over our lawn. So I ran got my camera and few dresses for her.

I was thinking of dreamy photos with the sun just setting over the hill with Caroline perched happily on her wooden chair.

The realistic version is me sweaty from me picking her up, sitting her on her chair, running back to snap a photo before she gets up again. Josh had just mowed the lawn so we had wet grass clumps to add to the mixture.

So here are the realistic photos of a busy, one year old.

 Modern day Clifford and Emily



  1. OH gosh, I just love that second photo. It's so precious!

  2. Precious! Sweet girlie! Perfect pictures! Christina

  3. Hi Hope, I think all the pictures are great. Caroline has a beautiful smile. My favorite would be the one with her and the cat nose to nose. So cute. Have a blessed day.

  4. These are adorable, Hope! I think realism makes the best photos! :D
    She is such a beautiful girl.

  5. Caroline is so cute! These pictures are adorable! =) I especially like the last one with the cat!