Wednesday, March 25, 2015

11 months..

Our little girl is almost one. Here are a few photos that capture life with Caroline.

 Her poor baby must have a head rush.

 She 'seemed' old enough to feed herself. No mom she isnt.

 Baker in the making.

 Kitty on a call.

 Carrying around her favorite pajamas. She finds them in the dirty laundry
or on the drying rack and carries them around.

 Early morning horse ride.

 Her personal jacuzzi, aka entertainment while mom cooks supper. 
 She's becoming quite motherly. 

I just took her 11 month photos...

The 'few' photos turned into 'many'.



  1. These pictures made me melt. Punks is growing up to fast :'( That last photo takes the cake.

  2. Can't handle it, they're all my favorite!!!