Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Centerpiece

Looking for an inexpensive centerpiece
to grace your Christmas table?
Go to your fire wood pile and pick
out a nice piece of wood.

Have your husband cut out the center for you.

Cut a block of floral oasis in half and lay in the center.

Fill it with moss, pine, pine cones and berries.

Taaa daa... a Christmas centerpiece for almost free.



  1. Hope, that is gorgeous! It makes me want to go out and make one right now! -coleensr

  2. Wow!!! I love it. Very very pretty. Merry Christmas!

  3. I love this! I am the handy one in my house so I need to do the carving out. Did he use a large drill or chisels to make the center hole? I can't wait to make this with my girlfriends =)

  4. Wow! So beautiful! i love the warm feeling and ambiance it gave to your table. Such a beautiful centerpiece. I'd love to try that this year. Would you allow me to include this to my Pinterest board featuring Christmas table decorations? That would be great!

  5. That was pretty clever, Hopeful. I love your creativity and talent. You just showed your talent in creating these lovely Christmas table decorations. I love the elements of freshness and rustic in your decor. Thanks for sharing inspiration!

  6. how did your husband cut the whole in the log