Sunday, December 31, 2017

Photos of 2017

I love to look back at a year's worth of photos and see what all took place. It's fun to look back and get an overview of the good and the bad and see how God carried you through it all.

Here are some photos I enjoyed glancing back over from 2017.

 The best happening of 2017 was finding out we were pregnant.

 My first dress I sewed for Caroline.

 Valentines with these sweeties.

 We said goodbye to Bonnie.

 Caroline turned 3.

In May I signed a contract to write a cook book.

 Father's Day 2017

 Josh finished the tree house.

It was so much fun to watch him build something for himself.

Mabel had kittens.
 Cousins and sweet summertime.
The hydrangeas bloomed well.
That is a pile of mum blooms on her seat:)

September 14. 
Natalie Jane entered the world a week late!

 Her big sister has been such a big help.

 These are the busiest and messiest days... but the BEST days.


 We said goodbye to our dear dog, Duke.

Wishing each of you a blessed new year.


Monday, December 18, 2017


Hello! It feels good to be back. I keep thinking I am going to start blogging again and never start. I miss the blogging days before Instagram took over:)

It's been a good adjustment with Natalie. She only gets up once at night and is a happy baby. Her big sister adores her. Some days the adoration is wearing on mama, but God provides grace for each day! 

It seems to be a pretty "stress free" Christmas this year. Josh and I decided to go shopping and let each other pick out our own gift. Instead of guessing what the other one needs. We are getting Caroline books and audio books on CD. She LOVES books and would want me to read to her all day.  

Here are a few photos of our home ready for Christmas. It seems I do less each year. I'm either getting more practical or lazy:)

 Caroline painted this "raspberry tree"

 Natalie Jane is 3 months!

 I love watching her be a big sister.


Friday, May 19, 2017

A Cookbook

I'm still shaking a little bit... from the excitement, and well, the reality that it's really happening.

I signed a contract to write a cookbook today! I was honored to be contacted by Herald Press to write a cookbook. They are a Christian company and I felt it was God's leading in my life. I have wanted to write a cookbook but wasn't sure at which point in my life would be best. I was thinking it would be more like when I was 40. The more I thought and prayed about it, God seemed to think that now was a good time. As well as my sister, Faith, who says you only get busier as your children get older:) She's also offered her two older boys to come keep Caroline some days while I write.

I am excited to be able to have all my recipes in one place. I still look up my recipes on my blog from my phone; and have the biggest mess of handwritten recipes one ever did see. If no one buys my cookbook at least I will be happy to have them organized:)

 There will be photos for each recipe.

I don't want this to be about me; but about giving glory to our great Creator who gave us creative minds and beautiful foods to cook with. I want to teach others to cook from scratch and create inspiration to help feed your family well. 

 There will be some lifestyle photos mixed in.

So if you don't see much of me here, I am working on new recipes for you!

With love,

Monday, April 3, 2017

Caroline Turns 3

Caroline turned three yesterday so we celebrated with a butterfly party. She reminds me of a butterfly fluttering around- so it seemed fitting to use butterflies as a theme. This year her birthday really seemed to 'click' and she anticipated the day for weeks. She brings so much joy to our home- we are so grateful for her precious life.

 Birthday breakfast.

 We colored eggs with the children. They had so much fun.

With Love,