Monday, December 18, 2017


Hello! It feels good to be back. I keep thinking I am going to start blogging again and never start. I miss the blogging days before Instagram took over:)

It's been a good adjustment with Natalie. She only gets up once at night and is a happy baby. Her big sister adores her. Some days the adoration is wearing on mama, but God provides grace for each day! 

It seems to be a pretty "stress free" Christmas this year. Josh and I decided to go shopping and let each other pick out our own gift. Instead of guessing what the other one needs. We are getting Caroline books and audio books on CD. She LOVES books and would want me to read to her all day.  

Here are a few photos of our home ready for Christmas. It seems I do less each year. I'm either getting more practical or lazy:)

 Caroline painted this "raspberry tree"

 Natalie Jane is 3 months!

 I love watching her be a big sister.



  1. Love the simple way of decorating! Christina

  2. Your "Little Ladies" are just precious! So good to hear from you again. Wondering about the cookbook................and the tree house rental. But, mostly, I was wondering how things were going with your new daughter. Congratulations! Merry Christmas!

  3. I miss blogging tooooo!! So fun to catch up on these! Getting excited for your cookbook - trying to pace myself, it's a long time to wait. haha

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