Monday, December 7, 2015

Our Home at Christmas

I was inspired to decorate for Christmas earlier this year. I have a few Christmas things I'll pull out but mostly just add greens here and there.

You might want to get a cup of coffee for this tour... you may get bored.

The kitchen...

Yes, that's a red Volvo station wagon in the garage.
Sorry, if that's all you see now. That's what happened to me.

 Lovin' this gold star garland from Artisans' Hope

 Oh, dear now all I see is dust on that light.
I hope I'm not ruining this tour for you... I'll stop.

 Wreaths made from embroidery hoops.
A nice thing to do if you don't know how to embroidery.

Living Room...

 A dying hanging plant gives it that homey feel.
Never hang a plant- it kills them. he he

I used lots of boxwood this year. 
If you drive by my in-laws you will notice the front hedges are lop sided:)

Fireplace & Mantel...

Dining Room...


Bathroom.... never easy to photograph. 
Always roomy with lots of windows for natural light:)

Just for the record I took these photos right after cleaning Saturday while Caroline was napping. My house looks nothing like this now. In fact it's calling my name... dishes to wash and cleaning up to be done.

Wishing you a peaceful December.