Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wedding Sneak Peek

Here are a few snapshots I managed to
take at Ryan and Hope's Wedding.

I was a gorgeous day filled with happiness.
May God bless them as they start this
new journey, together.

Timmy, the boy who almost stole the show. Just look at those eyes.

More to come,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Senior Photos

It's that time of year. I have four, senior photo sessions scheduled.
And I am looking forward to each one of them.
If anyone else is interested, let me know.
Here are samples of a Senior from last year.
(just so you know what you are getting into)


Friday, September 17, 2010

A Praise Report

About two weeks ago my sister, Charity, called from Bolivia. She told me
to call her right back, but to please go outside. My heart jumped
in my throat and I started imagining the worst. Is she sick?
Did something happen to Wes (her husband)?

I ran outside and called her.
She answered and said, "Guess what?"
I said, "WHAT!?"
She said, "I'm pregnant!"
I said, "WHAT!?" (again)

From then on I forget what else she said. That's really all I could think about.

For those who don't know their story- they have been wanting, praying,
and hoping for children for the last seven years and God has heard their cry.
Just a reminder of our loving God pouring out his
faithfulness to those who love him.

Here are a few photos of Charity and Wes
as they serve the Lord in Bolivia.

Their home

Not to be a picky aunt, but if the baby would
just have those pinchable cheeks.

Praise be to God,

Saturday, September 11, 2010

How to Create Puff Balls

I had been wanting to learn how to make these cool, tissue paper balls
I had seen in photos. I looked it up on YouTube and it's easy as pie.

Use 8 - 10 sheets of tissue paper and fold it back and forth just like
you would to make a fan. You can use a full sheet or cut them
into sections for a variety in size. The rest of the photos can
speak for themselves.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sweet, Little, Danielle Hope

Danielle would be my double-first-cousin's little girl.
It was windy and she was sleepy, but I managed to snap a few good photos.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to Make Flower Arrangements

Here are a few photos with steps on how to arrange flowers.

I learned how to arrange flowers from my Mom. She would always
give me constructive criticism when I arranged a bouquet. I didn't always
take it that way, but now I see it as that.

Start with soaked, floral oasis.

Tape your oasis to secure for traveling and such.

Start with greenery working from the bottom up so you can hide the
oasis and give it a natural look.

Form a shape by adding your biggest flowers first. Then add more
greenery and fillers to make it full.

The finished product.

Josh took this photo, he thought it would look neat with the trees
in the background. I'll give him an A+ on this one.

Low candle arrangements are easy and make nice centerpieces.

Add greenery to cover oasis, then flowers, and more greenery to
give it the final, finished look.

This is my new favorite plant to add in arrangements.
They are called "hens and chicks"
and they add natural look to most anything.
Have a wonderful weekend!