Friday, September 17, 2010

A Praise Report

About two weeks ago my sister, Charity, called from Bolivia. She told me
to call her right back, but to please go outside. My heart jumped
in my throat and I started imagining the worst. Is she sick?
Did something happen to Wes (her husband)?

I ran outside and called her.
She answered and said, "Guess what?"
I said, "WHAT!?"
She said, "I'm pregnant!"
I said, "WHAT!?" (again)

From then on I forget what else she said. That's really all I could think about.

For those who don't know their story- they have been wanting, praying,
and hoping for children for the last seven years and God has heard their cry.
Just a reminder of our loving God pouring out his
faithfulness to those who love him.

Here are a few photos of Charity and Wes
as they serve the Lord in Bolivia.

Their home

Not to be a picky aunt, but if the baby would
just have those pinchable cheeks.

Praise be to God,


  1. Praise the Lord!! I'm so excited for ya'll:) God truely is Good!

  2. Hi Hope! Sheila G. here and just wanted to say that I don't know when I've been more excited to hear someone is expecting! Praising the Lord with y'all and continued prayers for a safe arrival.