Sunday, December 31, 2017

Photos of 2017

I love to look back at a year's worth of photos and see what all took place. It's fun to look back and get an overview of the good and the bad and see how God carried you through it all.

Here are some photos I enjoyed glancing back over from 2017.

 The best happening of 2017 was finding out we were pregnant.

 My first dress I sewed for Caroline.

 Valentines with these sweeties.

 We said goodbye to Bonnie.

 Caroline turned 3.

In May I signed a contract to write a cook book.

 Father's Day 2017

 Josh finished the tree house.

It was so much fun to watch him build something for himself.

Mabel had kittens.
 Cousins and sweet summertime.
The hydrangeas bloomed well.
That is a pile of mum blooms on her seat:)

September 14. 
Natalie Jane entered the world a week late!

 Her big sister has been such a big help.

 These are the busiest and messiest days... but the BEST days.


 We said goodbye to our dear dog, Duke.

Wishing each of you a blessed new year.



  1. Hey lovely pictures! :) The tree house... I'm like in shock. That is like soooo good!!! He should make them to sell. haha When is your cookbook coming out? Please let us know because I really want to get one! :) Blessings to you and your family through this new year.

  2. Sorry to hear about Duke. That must have been a sad time. Your girls are cute and that tree house is Amazing!!!!Happy New Year from an Aussie reader. X

  3. It is sweet of you to share such tender moments. What does the name Caroline mean, I wonder. Perhaps "light." She is a candle, isn't she? Truly, she looks like a ray of light. I'm very sorry for your loss of beloved pets, family members, really. If only their lifespans equaled would be lovely if we could choose who didn't get to leave until we did. It's kind of hard and strange that we go one at a time.... And the treehouse...well, you know that it is absolutely stunning. It looks like a magazine feature...the best type of magazine. What a beautiful labor of love. I know you will all enjoy its charm. Kind regards...

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