Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Chirstmas...

Well folks, it's that time of year.
When we bring pine trimmings in to decorate,
and baking aromas fill the air.

 I made turtles with a good friend
on Saturday and had a wreath 
making today with some friends.
Then made party mix and sugar cookies.
When I take off work I try to 
pack in as much as possible.

Here are some festive photos
documenting the last couple days.

No recipe needed. Just over cook my carmel apple recipe
and you have caramel brickle. Delicious.

My best friend, Karana, wrapping caramel
around the pecans.

Friends since second grade. Oh, the stories we could tell.

 Ready to exchange at our cookie bake this Tuesday.

 Gathering pine for our wreaths.

What character a tool filled basement adds to a backdrop.

The finished product.
Part of the group. Suetta and Faith are missing.

Then around 8:00pm my dear sister-in-law Hannah
helped me with my sugar cookies.

Aunt Hope has retired Sawyer from decorating cookies-
at least until next year.

Hannah has taken his place and does a lovely job.
She doesn't even mix sprinkles.

Ready to grace our cookie plates.



  1. So sad I missed the wreath making this year! I was going to have a Lady's Day at our church, making wreaths but ran out of time. Maybe next year. Your harth and mantle looks nicely decorated!!

  2. Aaaawww i love the pictures!! And wow your and Hannahs cookies look delicious:).......Sally Sue