Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas ...

... to all of you who are visitors here.
I enjoy interacting with each one of you
and hearing your feedback.

I really enjoy blogging...
not for the attention or whatever you
you would call it- I blog because I have
a passion for cooking and like
sharing my recipes with others.

May your Christmas be restful.



  1. Love your Christmas card and I love your blog! I have made many things from on here. Keep up the good work! Oh, and you look like your mom!!! Janessa<><

  2. Oh, I love your blog! I am a lot older than you but feel I could learn a lot about cooking and baking from you. You are so blessed to have the family so close for support and fellowship. I envy that! I will keep checking your blog...have already tried one of your recipes and hope to try some more. Your husband is one lucky guy!

  3. Ok, so I better be getting one of these :) Can't wait.....3 more days till I see my dear Henners and Grettas :)