Monday, June 22, 2015

Cherry Pickin'

Sour cherries! I finally go to pick some sour cherries!

I had been wanting to pick sour cherries for five years now. Something always came up or I missed sour cherry season. To me there is nothing like a fresh, sour cherry pie... but let me tell you, a lot of work goes into a sour cherry pie.

We started picking them this afternoon and just finished canning the last of our cherry pie filling. Mom was the matriarch of the day... mom's always know best.

 Pitting sour cherries is what makes the process so long. 
Each seed is pushed out with a hairpin by hand.

 Then we made a thickening and mixed it with the cherries.

 Caroline likes cherry pie too!

We canned 14 quart of cherry pie filling to grace our cellar shelves this winter.



  1. There's nothing like making pie with fruit you picked yourselves. I'm starting to get blackberries off our vines, and they're delicious.

  2. How beautiful the cherries are and the entire process. Imagine pushing out the pit with a hair pin. WOW...sweetie there wants some pie, and so do I!---smiles,,Merri

  3. Beautiful pictures! And your pie looks simply delicious :)


  4. Lovely photos, the pie looks delicious. Wish I could have a slice. :- )