Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas 2015

It's been a wonderful Christmas. My sister was able to be here from Indiana and Joshua's sister came in from Nevada. Both families were complete.

My family Christmas started early and Joshua's just ended last evening with his sister, Sheri leaving today.

It's been a fun few weeks but I'm ready to get back into everyday life. Bring on piles of dirty laundry and dishes:) Hmmm I wonder if I will be saying that next week...

Here are some photos of our Christmas with each family. 

It was close to 70 before Christmas Day. Caroline had fun with her chickens.

 Uncle Wes and Aunt Charity ate breakfast with us Christmas morning.

 Aunt Charity making up for lost time with Caroline.

 Caroline and Caleb made quick friends.

 All of Caroline's cousins on my side.

 Grandmother the great story reader

 Dear, Grandma Rhodes.

 Mom and Dad gave each of us an old oil lamp for Christmas.

 Christmas morning...

Josh loves guns. The history of guns. He loves to hold guns like this.
I just don't understand.
But this year, I FINALLY bought the man a gun.
This one dates back to civil war. His Dad found it for me.
He was a happy man.

Christmas eve breakfast with our little family.
I thought Christmas was fun before Caroline but
now the joy has doubled.

 Grandma and Grandpa came up for our little family's Christmas eve.

 Christmas with the Helmuth's

 We hosted the family for a taco bar.

 Now these girls have real baby

 then we sang Christmas carols for an old neighbor

 Grandma with her grands

Such a good two weeks. God is good.



  1. Beautiful family! Great memories. Thankyou for sharing :). Christina

  2. What a Blessing you have all been given -your love for each other shines through
    Happy New Year x

  3. Fantastic portraits, you all look like you're having a blissful time!

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