Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kitchen Before and After

I've been wanting to post before and after photos of our kitchen for a long time. Every time I start- I quit because our kitchen doesn't have much natural light and it's hard to take photos in. I decided to buckle down today and take them whether they looked dreamy or not:) I had just cleaned and organized all my kitchen cabinets so I figured that today was a "now or never" moment.

Most of our home as been a 'work in progress' from 2010. And if you have lived in your home while remodeling it- you appreciate the end products a LOT. My kitchen still needs a pantry and a cabinet framed around our double ovens but a lifetime table from Costco does the trick for now:)

We will start with the before:

Before we tore into it. The cabinet doors were bowed due to being made with wood that wasn't dried properly. The island had two cracks in it from the same issue. 

I was 8 months pregnant when my kitchen looked like this. We used our bathroom for a kitchen. Oh, and was on bed rest as well:) We made it through!
We used the same cabinet bases and made new doors. Josh did a LOT of the work himself. I'm one lucky wife.

If your home has ever looked like this due to remodeling raise your hand!

and the after... 

 I know, I know. I have lots of copper. Some claim it's out of style now- but I love it still. It's one thing that fits with our 'more rustic' home and I love collecting it!

 I love this utensil bar from Ikea. I like things to look nice but they MUST pass the practical test! I like having a place for everything.

Yard sale planter.

 I love my hammered, copper sink!

Above the refrigerator.

 Josh sanded and refinished all those beams, by HAND. 
I can wipe them now without tearing holes in my cloth:)

I recently added this table on the right. It's always nice to
have extra space to place your groceries on when your
kitchen counters are full of dirty dishes:)

 I have dreamt of a sideboard for this space below our open shelves for so long. I finally found one on Craigslist. It was a good deal but came with a price:) Turns out once we get it home it's a fancy office desk with a motor in the bottom to raise your computer screen. See the hole in the top? And it was heavy as an elephant. I'm serious. The couple claimed it was a solid sideboard and that's why it weighed so much. We opened the first three drawers (that worked) and said we'd take it! Once we got it home and found a motor inside I could have bawled. The front two doors don't open but Josh is going to convert it over one of these fine days. Things are not always as perfect as they seem:)I still love it! Hole in the top and all:)

If you are getting ready to remodel your kitchen bless your heart!
It's worth it I promise!



  1. Oh I feel for ya but the end result is awesome and worth the dirt and work! My husband remodeled our kitchen as well about a year ago. Actually our whole main floor over a period of time. I think I spring cleaned our house 3x in a few months. But that end result is well worth it! Loved your post. Kristen L.

  2. Your hammered copper sink is dreamy...I love it!
    I actually love all your copper, I have quite a few copper pots and pans hanging behind our wood stove. In style or not, I like them too.
    Your kitchen looks beautiful! A new kitchen is more inviting to work in!

  3. I love your kitchen!! The earth tones, coppers, and greens bring a warmth to your space. But the thing I love the most is that you decorated with what YOU like! I don't care if my decorations are out of style, if they make me feel rested, bring 'em on.

  4. So very beautiful ! A very Happy, Healthy 2017 to you and yours !
    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  5. Yes that's happening for us this year! Yours is beautiful!

  6. I know this is old now but I must tell you I refused for many years to have the kitchen in the home we lived in for 30 years remodeled. I always said it was good enough--because I did not want to live with the mess. I do have a nice kitchen now in the home we built 10 years ago. And have a hutch for the first time in all of our 41 years of homemaking!

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