Monday, April 3, 2017

Caroline Turns 3

Caroline turned three yesterday so we celebrated with a butterfly party. She reminds me of a butterfly fluttering around- so it seemed fitting to use butterflies as a theme. This year her birthday really seemed to 'click' and she anticipated the day for weeks. She brings so much joy to our home- we are so grateful for her precious life.

 Birthday breakfast.

 We colored eggs with the children. They had so much fun.

With Love,


  1. What beautiful memories & images Hope, thank you for sharing. :) Laila

  2. Oh, I love the picture of all the children on the porch swing....
    how adorable is that!!!!!!! Happy birthday to your sweetie!

  3. Love your site, and your creativity! The birthday party looks beautiful and your daughter is adorable.

  4. SIX layers! I've gotta see that recipe!

  5. Just came over to investigate from "Remembering the Old Ways." The photo above of the three of you just moved my heart. What wonderful smiles. You look like people whom it would be wonderful to know. Blessings.