Kitchen Product Reviews

I believe in quality kitchen tools. Whether it be a whisk or a saute pan- a cheap whisk will bend easily and the wire will be pulling out before you know it. A cheap saute pan will not provide even heat and burn things easily.

I have fallen in love with Norpro Krona Waterless Cookware- It is heavy gauge stainless steel with wonderful vented, glass, straining lids. If you cook anything in water just simply hold the lid and pour the water off. No need for a colander.

Rada knives, still made in the USA, are inexpensive but sturdy. Rada Mfg. Co. is located in Waverly, Iowa and has been manufacturing cutlery since 1948. Rada Cutlery has earned the reputation of being remarkable. I have at least 8 of the knives, their tomato knife is a must-have also.

All silicon spatulas are the bomb, I really don't know what life was like before them. They are heat safe to 570 degrees and are super flexible. I use them for stirring as I saute things, they are super nice because you can keep your saute pan sides clean by scraping the sides as you go.

Norpro makes a sturdy stainless steel whisk. The small one is necessary for whisking small amounts of dressing or batters.

Onedia stainless steel measuring spoons are sturdy and easy to clean. I prefer these  MIU France plastic measuring cups because of their lightness and rounded corners. A sharp corner on measuring cup is hard to clean.

An angled spatula makes frosting cakes look like a walk in the park. 

Stainless steel shakers with handles are handy to have at your cook top for even sprinkling and no mess with removing lids.

This Norpro nylon pan scraper is used daily in my kitchen. I use it for scraping crusty pans and the counter after rolling out dough. 

This digital thermometer changed my outlook on roasting meats in the oven. Just insert into the thickest part of the meat and hang on the side of your oven. As soon as it reaches the desired temperature remove the meat from the oven. It's essential when roasting pork- since pork is easily over cooked.

It's wonderful to have at least one pottery 9" x 13" baking dish. I love my Longaburger one... when having guests or taking a dish away it adds some 'love' as apposed to your traditional glass 9" x 13".

A small slotted spatula is wonderful for bars or cookies. One of my most used kitchen tools.

Most of these items can be purchased at my mother-in-law's store, The Kitchen Kupboard. I hope to post more things from her store that I have tested and tell you why I like them.

If you have questions about any of these items feel free to ask me in a comment below.


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