Wednesday, April 15, 2015

a good read

My camera is currently getting fixed from me dropping it. YES! I will wear the strap around my neck next time, husband:) It's been quite freeing to just not have to take photos of anything for a week or two. But I do miss my camera, especially since Caroline is toddling around here.

I came across this post I have posted before- but it's such a good read, you need to read it again.

Blogs and Women.

 Jenny has such a gift with words- and this truly has been on my mind these days. Especially as a mother, it's easy to compare ourselves with other mothers. But we all have our gifts and need to be content with what we have been given. Also along with that- finding out our gifts and using them to the fullest extent for the glory of GOD!

On another note... I am dreaming of garden salads and strawberry limeade.


Happy Wednesday!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Caroline Turns One

I've baked cakes for my nephew's birthday parties for years. Yesterday, I had the honor of making my little girl's first birthday cake. 

It was more than just a celebration of her turning a year, it was celebration that we could have children. I had some health issues before we were married and we weren't sure if we would be able to have children. The ever present question after having an ovary removed, "Will you be able to have children?" I would always reply with an hopeful answer- but it the back of my mind I prepared myself for the worst. After much pain and waiting, we were blessed with a child! We had something to celebrate... so we did.

Praising Our Creator!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

11 months..

Our little girl is almost one. Here are a few photos that capture life with Caroline.

 Her poor baby must have a head rush.

 She 'seemed' old enough to feed herself. No mom she isnt.

 Baker in the making.

 Kitty on a call.

 Carrying around her favorite pajamas. She finds them in the dirty laundry
or on the drying rack and carries them around.

 Early morning horse ride.

 Her personal jacuzzi, aka entertainment while mom cooks supper. 
 She's becoming quite motherly. 

I just took her 11 month photos...

The 'few' photos turned into 'many'.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Food lately

I just don't have the time I used to- to create recipes. I just call it a season of life, one day I will have time again. I often use recipes I have posted on here before. These are photos of foods I have made lately. The ones in bold have a link for the recipe.

1. Pork BBQ on a pretzel bun. I roasted the pork in the crock pot for 8 hours instead of on the stove top like the recipe.
2. Strawberry french toast.
4. New York Cheesecake.
5. Lemon meringue pie, made from a lemon I grew. 
6. Granola, the best recipe I've found yet! I used 1 cup pecans instead of cashews and almonds and then added wheat germ and flax seeds.

Just an update on what we have been eating around here.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

10 months and walking...

Caroline is walking, and she is getting into everything. I repeat everything.

I had been waiting for her to grow into this adorable dress gifted to me by a friend. I tried it on her today and it finally fits! I now want to go buy her all new clothes from baby Gap. Ha, I'll keep dreaming. It must be the weather- but I am in the mood to buy new everything. Furniture, clothes, baby clothes, bedroom bedding... and the list goes on. Have you ever went make-believe shopping? It's great fun! Add everything you ever wanted to your online shopping cart and then don't buy anything. It's a good way to get shopping out of your system for the day.

Here are her 10 month photos...

She found out how to get off her seat and 
then it was over. 


Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Visit

I just came back from visiting my sister, Charity, in Indiana for a week. I hadn't been to visit her since she moved there in 2012, so it was high time I did. It was so nice to see her home so I can visualize things when she talks to me on the phone.

Here are photos from our week. Of course, there are none of us together. Not sure how that happened. I guess we were focused on our children.

 I'll start with a mini home tour. Her home is quite charming.

I just had to do a mini shoot of Caleb Paul. 
They just don't come any cuter than this.

I was amazed how well these two played together.
They had their spats, but overall did really well.

Miss you guys already!