Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hopeful Cooking 2022

Well folks, I need your suggestions.
I have started to design my cookbook
and would love your input.

What do you love or (hate) dislike about a cookbook?

Here are a few sample pages.
They need editing- just over look that part.

Just in case you are already excited-
I plan to add recipes until I am 40, publish my cook book and then retire.
Not really, but it sounds good.
It will probably be quite a few years until it's printed.

Thanks for your input,


  1. I looove cookbooks with pictures! I know sounds juvenile, but if I see a pic I decide if it looks good or not and also can see how the finished product is "supposed" to look...thats just me :) Beautiful sample pages, I want one already! Also, I know you and your mom know lots of little tricks that are handy in cooking...I think it would be great if you put some of those tips (substitutes, shortcuts, etc) on pages where they are pertinent instead of in a section all its own...I rarely think to look in the hints and tips section of a cookbook. Thats all of my 2 and a half cents worth haha....See ya chicky....Slivvy

  2. I want one!!!!

  3. I agree with Anonymous,,pictures really help me decide what I want to cook or bake. This is so exciting.. I'm so proud of you!! I'm not impressed that it will be 2022 untill it's published!!!
    I was just thinking yesterday how I need to go through your blog to copy and paste all your recipes- so I don't have to drag my lap top to the kitchen everytime :)

    Love ya Mrs. Helmuth

  4. Many cookbooks devote a recipe or two trying to replicate a secret recipe, such as Red Lobster's cheddar biscuits. I think that a section of your cookbook should show us how to create the gourmet delight that is America's fast food burger. From the lowly Golden Arches to Five Guys there is nothing else that we crave more than a delicious, juicy burger. Show us how you can improve this important staple of American cuisine.

  5. I love the pic idea, we do tend to eat with our eyes first. One thing that I look at when getting a recipie on-line is the easy to hard factor. If am short on time I want to know not just cook time but how hard is it. just a thought! Oh and one more thought...I have not sean this in your blog, but it drives be crazy to see a "cream of" on every other page. Don't get me wrong I do use the stuff sometimes whe I cook, but I don't use it all the time. Oh one more thing then I will quit, I love to see "base" recipies like BBQ sauce, green chili sauce, rue and so on. Good Luck! Jillian

  6. I love cookbooks that have pictures! (as well as my children, then they can help pick menu's) Just make sure that it is easy to find the recipe that you are looking for. I like Esther Shanks cookbook, but it is really complicated to find things by using the index in the back. Just a thought!

  7. Hi Hope! I found your xanga site from Colleen Barnhart's xanga and really enjoy your recipes and otherwise take on life. I really enjoy cookbooks and along with what everyone else has said (pictures are a must in my opinion) another thing I really enjoy in a cookbook, is to read personal comments about the recipe along with side dishes that would compliment it. It adds a warm feeling to a cookbook and enables the reader to connect with you; they feel a part of your world. That's strictly my opinion :-) I will definitely be holding out to purchase your cookbook. I already like so many of your recipes! Carolyn

  8. Wow girl you are going to be famous some day:) Just remember lil sally when your retired and do not have to work anymore... haha i really like your idea of pictures in your cookbook that makes it soo more exciting when you go to make it. so you know what it is suppose to look like then.

  9. Thanks for all the help folks. I will try to take each idea into consideration.
    People are asking, "Why so long until you publish your cookbook?" my reply is "I have only blogged for one year, think of how many recipes I will have in five to ten years."
    I enjoyed reading your comments.

  10. Hey Hope.. My idea would be to include favorite menu ideas. I struggle with know what to put with what. I guess that comes from being a picky eater. :] And love that pictures are included. - Jessica

  11. I found your blog through a video about "How to make donuts" your recipe was given heavy praise, the problem for me is, the person who used your recipe, did it with a bread machine, any suggestions for someone doing it from sratch?