Saturday, September 4, 2010

How to Make Flower Arrangements

Here are a few photos with steps on how to arrange flowers.

I learned how to arrange flowers from my Mom. She would always
give me constructive criticism when I arranged a bouquet. I didn't always
take it that way, but now I see it as that.

Start with soaked, floral oasis.

Tape your oasis to secure for traveling and such.

Start with greenery working from the bottom up so you can hide the
oasis and give it a natural look.

Form a shape by adding your biggest flowers first. Then add more
greenery and fillers to make it full.

The finished product.

Josh took this photo, he thought it would look neat with the trees
in the background. I'll give him an A+ on this one.

Low candle arrangements are easy and make nice centerpieces.

Add greenery to cover oasis, then flowers, and more greenery to
give it the final, finished look.

This is my new favorite plant to add in arrangements.
They are called "hens and chicks"
and they add natural look to most anything.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. ooh, lovely! I KNEW that compote would find a creative purpose in your hands! Thanks for the lesson! Claire Bleu

  2. Beautiful flower arrangements :-) I have spent a very pleasant couple of hours rambling through your blog; thank you for posting, and I hope it is still fun for you to do.
    If Hen and Chicks is the Houseleek plant, then those individual leaves are a little first aid kit all by themselves.
    Pick a leaf and squish the juice/jell from it onto burns, scalds, insect bites, dry skin, little cuts, scratches, grazes, even those that have festered a little....and it will both soothe and heal. It's a very, very, old remedy.

    Thank you too for the recipes; I'm a life long vegetarian, and I struggle to think of how to cook meat in interesting ways that will appeal to meat eaters.
    I have written out some of your recipes, but I think if you did a simple cook book that could be bought for a download; like the pattern collections on ebay for a modest price; that one could print out for oneself, then it could prove a gentle income. I do know that I certainly would be interested in purchasing a copy.

    Kind regards,
    Mary Craig

    1. Hmm.. a simple book of recipes from your blog to download.. what a great idea. I would love one to give along with wedding gifts.

  3. Hope I'm just curious do you use fake flowers or real ones in your arrangments. They are beautiful and I love that you posted a tutorial on how to do them thanks.

    1. Most of time I use real flowers, the above arrangement was made with real flowers. I have made some fake flower arrangements for fall and winter.

  4. Hope do u have flower suggestions for Spring. I want to try an make a lovely arrangement for my table.

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