Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grand Opening

My brain feels like it's on overload,
I try not to dwell on too many things at once.
Not everything in life has to be
perfect to survive. Piles of dirty laundry
and a dirty house are not critical to health,
even if it's hard on the nerves.
We are getting down to the final days of opening
the toy store and boy we're busy.

*We have been building shelves in
our basement every chance we get.
Josh has master minded a counter
that is bound to keep our customers coming back.
It's oak with cubby holes across the front
to display smaller toys to sell.
I have learned some simple trades of
wood working- like sanding, staining, sanding,
and brushing on polyurethane.
If you do come in our store be sure
to check out the shelves too.
Although, they are not for sale.

*We being, Josh, Wes and I with any family members we can con into helping.

My sister bought this chair at a thrift shop
for the sitting area in the toy store.

She painted it black and reupholstered the seat.

What a beauty!

Wes routering shelves.

Me sanding, getting ready for the next coat of polyurethane.

Josh cutting glass for the cubby holes on the counter.
You score it with a little knife type thing and...

you have a nice clean break.

Josh adding glass to his master piece.

We plan to open our doors July 1 and have a Grand Opening July 23.

Come on by and see what we are all about!

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  1. Everything looks fabulous! I can't wait to bring Alex out to explore the toys & store! :)