Sunday, June 5, 2011

One Year Anniversary

It's been a whole year since
Josh and I said "I do."
This year has truly been the most wonderful
year of my life. I will not bore
you with a big spill on how delightful
our first year of marriage has been.
Something that makes you feel yours
is nothing compared to ours.
"While my husband may help in the kitchen
your hubby may wash all your windows, once a week."
Each couple has their own gifts.

In some ways it seems like we have been married forever-
and then some days we stop and say to each other,
"we are actually married!"

We praise the Lord for all he has blessed
us with in our first year of marriage.
A cozy home, jobs, family and so much more.

Here are some photos of our special day.
It's nice to look back at the photos when
the day seemed like a blurr.



  1. yay!!! beautiful pics :) you had such a lovely wedding! congrats on the 1st year!!!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful. May God bless you with many many more happy years together!