Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Christmas 2017

Christmas came and went and I'll have to say it was the most relaxing one yet. It was so much fun to see Caroline anticipating Christmas this year.

Here is our Christmas in photos...

 Christmas brunch.

Reading Caroline's last Advent window.

Natalie Jane

 Last year we were wishing for a sibling for Caroline
and this year she's here for her to hold.

The bookworm opened lots of books.

Christmas with the Shank's.

Caroline was delighted with a dress my sister, Faith, made her.
She would pick out that fabric every time we went to Faith's fabric
store and would ask aunt Faith to make her a dress.
Her dream came true. Now she wants to wear it everywhere:) 

 The Grandchildren minus Natalie who was sleeping.

 The Helmuth's

 The Helmuth grandchildren

 All the 2017 models.

I'm enjoying this new year by cleaning out corners. 
Don't stand around at my house too long, 
you might get thrown away:)



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  3. What beautiful "Father's love" photos...very moving to me, touching. And it looks like Caroline is a "natural" at sisterhood! (Natalie Jane, too! :-) Can't you just remember the joy of a new dress at Caroline's age? You captured her delight well in the photo. Lovely children's group photos, too. I especially love the little one in burgundy in her "bow-and-arrow" pose with the ribbon...a tiny archer? :-) Lots of sweet toes. :-) Blessings.

  4. OOhhh that last line is true! You taught me well, I always think of you when i'm cleaning out drawers and deciding what to keep! Always inspiring! =)

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