Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Charity's Baby Shower

Last night I hosted a baby shower for my dear sister, Charity.
It was an extra special shower because it's an extra special time for all of us.
She has been married for ten years and the Lord has answered
their prayers in wanting to have children. She had a miscarriage in 2010
 which was devastating to her. Here is the post I wrote before she miscarried.
Just to give you some background.
It has been a long journey with quite a few bumps- but the Lord has been faithful and we praise Him for blessing her with a child.

Here are a few photos from her shower.

Two pregnant sisters... tums are their best friend,
everything smells funny, and heavy breathing is often heard.
I am their gopher most of the times when we are together.
It will be worth it in the end.

I can't wait to be Auntie again!


  1. Looks like it was quite a lovely party!!

  2. What a lovely party! I wish both of them, all the best. I am a mother of two healthy sons and I am really thankful of it. Greetings from Germany, Sabine

  3. Thanks for sharing this post Hope. I needed to be reminded that the Lord is faithfull, and all things good come in His time. The shower was beutiful, your talents seem endless!

  4. Just beautiful... the sisters and the shower pictures. I'd love to know where you got the alphabet cards I see hanging in the background.
    So happy for Wes and Charity!


    1. The alphabet cards came from our toy store. The brand is eeboo. Charity plans to decorate her nursery with them.

  5. Lucky sisters to have you! Lucky me to have you for a friend and co-party-planner.;) You continually inspire!
    ps. i need some more of your babys tears, i had a casualty this summer =(

  6. Your sisters are just glowing and your party was amazing!! I love the little cards and all of your sweet decorating. I have a sister named Charity, too!!

    Enjoy your week,