Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An Apron Giveaway

The older I get the more sentimental I become. I guess it a part of aging and understanding why people do certain things. My Grandma Rhodes always has an apron on. She sometimes wears an apron on top of another apron so she doesn't mess up her good apron, only Grandma. But now, since I wash my own clothes and cook in my own kitchen- I understand why my Grandma always wears an apron. It's not just because it's what old people do- it's because it saves your clothes from a lot of stains. And in the long run- it saves you from a lot of washing.

So everyday that I am in my kitchen, you will find me wearing an apron. And for that reason I want to share an apron with you.

It's a whole apron- but I usually fold the top down. I have an apron like this and love it. You can string a hand towel through the strap and dry your hands from right where you are- instead of hunting for a towel. Not that I do that or anything.

To enter just answer the following question.
Do you wear and apron in the kitchen?
It's really a yes or no question. 
Add a few bits of why you do or why you don't.

This apron is supplied by Kitchen Kupboard, my mother-in-law's kitchen store.
She recently remodeled and it looks like a new store. She has a wonderful variety of kitchen products. Not only that- it is a local store with friendly help. Go to her website for more information.

Deadline May 21.

No shipping outside USA and Canada.

Winners will be selected using www.randompicker.com. One entry per person.
Winner will be announced on my blog page Tuesday evening. Please include your email address so I can contact you. If you feel uncomfortable leaving your email address be sure to look at my page Tuesday evening and you can email me your information for shipping address.

Let the giving begin,


  1. The only reason I don't wear an apron is because I don't have one. I have some fabric that I'd love to make into an apron, but I never get around to it. :( Your giveaway looks great! ehart1990@gmail.com

  2. I don't wear one because.....I don't have one! To win on would be grand! ;)-Lori

  3. I don't wear an apron. The reason I don't is I don't have one that I really like. I would love to win this one.
    Misty N

  4. Well.. I have several. But I still don't wear one - regularly. I do - don't get me wrong. It's more like I forget to put one on. Perhaps it is partly because I don't feel they fit me quite right or whatever..perhaps if it was hanging somewhere in my kitchen in plain view - instead of in the closet - I would wear it more often. :)

    I want to.

    They are so practical. Make a ton of sense. It's in my blood to do so. You should see my mother's!!

    I checked out your MIL's store. I LOVE it. It's on the list to visit one day.

  5. i don't wear an apron, but ever since i've got married, i've really thought i should...flour everywhere all the time!!!! lol. i've just never got around to buying or making one...winning would solve this problem ;)

  6. I don't wear an apron, but I too really need to:) Great giveaway idea!

  7. I do! I have this jean apron my mother bought for my sister and I on one of our trips to southern Mexico. It has been with us for about four years now! :-D

  8. I don't wear an apron but I probably should. I have stained more good clothes then I care to remember! Good reason to win. :)

  9. Forget Williams-Sonoma, next time i'm going to Sheila's! =) I really like the feel of this apron better.

  10. I love aprons! I wear them to keep stains off and I ummmm, hiding head, use them as the dish towel sometimes.:)

  11. I don't currently wear an apron. However, I recently got an apron pattern and some fabric to make. I think aprons are cool and I would love to win this one! :) I've been following your blog for awhile now and really enjoy your updates.

  12. Yes, I wear one if I can remember to put it on!

  13. I usually wear an apron when having guests for a meal, why I don't always? I don't know, it'd be a good habit to get into! They sure are cute!

  14. I don't wear one, because I don't have any that fit right.... this one looks awesome and would keep my skirt from being used as a hand towel :)

  15. Yes, sometimes...particularly when I need a couple extra pockets. One of my aprons has a perfectly-sized pocket for my cordless phone. :) My favorite apron is looking well-worn with several stains so a new one would be wonderful.

  16. I do wear an apron but could use a nice, new one! :)

  17. Never been much of an apron wearer, but with children with food sensitivities it is becoming a necessity. I could use this one for sure! :)

  18. I wear an apron to protect my bank attire from grease spots ;)
    Sheri from Nevada :)

  19. What a wonderful giveaway! Yes, I wear an apron! Daily, pretty much every time I cook dinner. I guess I'm a messy cook, because my aprons get so dirty and are often thrown in the laundry! It saves many a clothing item for me. :)

    I'm not sure how to follow if I don't have a blogger account? Maybe you could help me? I do have you in my 'favorites' tab, does that count? :)

    1. I was referring to the followers on the right hand side of my blog. I actually just took that statement off because it's confusing to people, which I can understand. I just wanted to treat the ones who follow me through thick and thin.

      I have been following your blog for years now and love what you do. Keep inspiring!

  20. I don't wear an apron but I really should. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  21. I could use a nice new apron! I wear them when I remember.. I should hang it in plain sight. Janessa<><

  22. I wear aprons as well. This one is cute!!
    neveralone289 AT gmail DOT com

  23. I don't usually wear one because I tend to get warm in the kitchen and that added layer doesn't help. But seeing your post inspires me to give it another shot.


  24. I wear an apron when baking.

  25. i love to wear an apron because my grandma did and my mom does. i love to cook and spend time in the kitchen and i always use an apron. it's old timey and i love that! btw i love reading your blog and check on it often! i married amy's first cousin and thru her comments and such i found your blog. thank you, i really enjoy it!!

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