Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 2

We spent all of day two touring the south rim of the Grand Canyon. A local guide said the average tourist spends 2 hours at the Grand Canyon. They fly into Vegas, drive 4 hours, spend two hours there and drive back. If I am going to travel that far I want to take in the full view.

Then we headed to Vegas for the night.

 The city lights are pretty amazing but the sin in the city is sickening.

Our hotel we booked on hotwire for $54 a night.
Of course, it's cheap, to get you inside the doors to gamble.
But since we don't gamble- we enjoyed the cheap stay:)

Now we are off to see Joshua's sister, Sheri, in Eureka!


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  1. Mom and the grandma's enjoyed traveling with you waiting for the next post :-)