Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pumpkin Art

I decided to paint pumpkins with my two nephews last week. I was imagining orange pumpkins with symmetrical polka dots of blue and green. Something their mother and aunt would love to set on their porch.

Well it was two boys with an endless supply of paint. We started with a sponge for each color. Sawyer took a liking to the smallest sponge and proceeded to use it for all colors. At that point I gave in and let them go hog wild- and that they did.

 Little artists.

Once there was no more surface area on their pumpkins to paint,
they moved over to their hands and arms.
Their mother photographed this as she was quietly smirking.

I had to get the water hose out to clean up the aftermath.
It was worth it though.
While painting Sawyer exclaims, "this is so much fun I can hardly believe it!"
I think he could hardly believe he was able to make such a mess.

Happy fall,


  1. Hahaha...oh my this really made me smile and perhaps even giggle on the inside a bit..I can truly imagine little Sawyer saying and doing all those things! What a bunch of characters they are! Kudos to you for letting them have so much fun making such a mess :)

    Auntie Sliv ; )