Tuesday, January 7, 2014


We moved out of our home the day after Christmas to do some remodeling. Joshua's parents were gracious enough to take us in for a week. We are back home tonight and slowly working through the mess. I am just getting over an awful flu bug. I couldn't keep any liquids down until today. Why is it were are only thankful for good health when we feel bad? I guess God gives us those friendly reminders through flu bugs and such.

I am just now cleaning off my memory card from Christmas and had to share a few photos from Christmas at Mom and Dad's.

 A Christmas table prepared by Mom.

 The joy of gift giving.

 Austy finally got a remote controlled truck.
Notice paper flying through the air. He opened it with such gusto.

All the grands together. Caleb is sporting his trademark face.

 The mantel, one part of the house that is clean.
One thing at a time. Hopefully everything will be clean by March.

Happy day to you,


  1. Such beautiful photos.

    Would you give us some information about the dining table? I have been needing to upgrade for some time and would love to have the capacity of the dining table in the picture.

    1. The table was made locally by my great uncle. He makes them for the public as well. If you have more questions feel free to email me, hopefulthings@aol.com.

  2. Hope, your Christmas looked like was wonderful!! The table was gorgeous and I love the pictures of your nieces and nephews. Their outfits were adorable!