Sunday, September 27, 2015

Barn Sale 2015

Another wonderful barn sale has came and passed. It keeps getting better each year. I loved watching the community folks enjoying themselves; chatting with old friends and making new. The rain didn't seem to dampen spirits or the crowd. Thank you to all who came out.

I was able to snap a few photos of the event until I was hurried back to kitchen to make more pretzel buns. I intended to take a photo of each booth- but only made it to a few. There many details I missed but I'm hoping Amy, Amelia or Katie captured them.

 Until next year!


  1. New to your blog...Looking forward to reading your back post. Barn sale looks like a wonderful event to attend. Looking forward to next year.

  2. Dear Hope,

    I've been reading over here since happening upon your Kombucha recipe, when I left a comment for you. I had hoped to make it to the barn sale this year as I'm only 3 hours south from ya'll, but we've had pouring rain all weekend and I assumed you did too. But it looks like it turned out to be a lovely couple of days and I wish I had come!

    Lord willing, I'm going to make it next year.

    Enjoyed the post!


    1. Amanda... at first - in looking through the photos... I thought I saw your products there for sale. :) The balms and salves, and such.

      Maybe another year!?!?

      And - Hope!! How lovely this whole thing was. I too wish I lived closer and could have come. I was with your friend and my cousin's wife - Joanna A.- over the weekend and we were "talking" about you - that this barn sale was happening!! I'm glad the rainy weather didn't deter others from coming - that it was a success. I just want a plate of burger and fries. They looked so good!!

  3. Just lovely! I wish I lived closer!!

  4. Such admiration and joy here..wish I was closer too. Loved the buns and fries and sandwiches and those doughnuts..mmmmand all the wonderful crafts. So beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing them with us, and to next year!! or maybe Christmas ??Merri

  5. Oh wouldn't a Christmas party/event be amazing!

    By the way, what was in your wonderful "special sauce" that you offered with the burgers? It was really tasty!!

  6. Oh, that looks so fun! Sure wish I lived closer so I could experience it some year. :)

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