Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

 Caroline and I had fun baking cookies together this week.
I decided to make a video.
Go here to watch.

 Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. I say you as a mom get the MOTHER OF THE YEAR award!!! With the patience and love you show wow.That little child is blessed with you as a mom. I would have loved to do that as a child !! She is so bright too , catching on quickly to all ot the proceedure. Thank you for this lovely Valentine present. Now if I coudl jus treach in the grab one of those cookies!!! smiles...Merri

  2. Hi I have just realized I can comment here love the
    blog and recipes. The video of you and your little girl
    baking cookies or as we here in England call them biscuits.
    Was a joy to watch .
    All the best to you.

  3. Oh my word! What a delightful video of you two ladies making cookies. Didn't the Master Creator have an OUTSTANDING idea when He made this precious little girl. You are doing one of the most important jobs of your life: loving and mothering Caroline.

  4. That is precious! Thankyou for sharing! Christina

  5. Such a sweet video. Thank you so much for sharing. Greetings from The Netherlands.

  6. I love how you're making memories with Caroline. Her little french braid and red bow are so cute.

  7. She is so sweet!!

  8. I was having a pretty sad day today and then I watched that video of you and your daughter and it brought back memories of when my daughter and I would bake in the kitchen cause at that age she wasn't much into the baking thing so those were precious moments for me...You see my daughter is now 18 yrs. old and graduated from high school last saturday....This video put my smile back on after a rough morning so I want to thank you and Caroline for that

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