Thursday, April 7, 2016

Caroline Turns Two

Caroline has been anticipating her 2nd birthday for weeks. She would exclaim, "My birsday is coming up!" 

She even learned how to hold up two fingers for her age. 

It was fun to watch her anticipation for her special day.

 I went with a woodland theme this year. Here are some photos to document her birthday.

 I never knew a child could bring your heart so much joy.

 Daddy's girl indeed.

 Mom's baking buddy and all day shadow.

 The guest table.

 I gathered all the decor from our woods.

 Her cake.

  Meringue hedgehogs on the left.
 We practiced blowing out candles for weeks but she still can't:)
She blows her bangs up and that's about it.

Gift time.

 With love,


  1. What a little sweetie, and a beautiful party! You are so blessed! Christina

  2. You have a great talent for table decoration. I wouldn't
    even think of doing that looks beautiful.
    Happy Birthday to your little girl. You all look as if
    you had a great time and happy memories for you all
    All the best to you

  3. Such beautiful birthday decorations. Caroline looks so grown up with her bangs and braids. You are blessed.

  4. I've been into making terrariums lately, so this post really piqued my boys' interest. I'm wondering how you got Caroline to sit still while you did those braids; I feel like I've accomplished something to get a whale spout on Anna ;-)

  5. Wonderful pictures , full of Love !