Monday, May 9, 2016

These days...

Sometimes I feel guilty that I don't write here like I used to. I remember the excitement of creating a recipe for supper after work... now I get excited when supper is on the table in pots and pans and I can sit down to rest:) I tell myself this is a season of life I want to savor- and I don't want to miss out on Caroline's younger years. I can create recipes when I'm old and retired:)

My days are filled to the brim with the normal household/mom tasks and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Here is a bit of our lives lately...

 I've been having fun with my sourdough starter. My first sourdough bread!

 Sourdough waffles.

 "The second best heritage you can equip your child with is gardening. 
The first is food for the soul, but the second is food to keep that soul healthy." 
- Hope Helmuth

 Caroline's 2 year old photos.

 We had fun making a new play area after Caroline
broke a flower pot she pulled off the bench:)

Our little family of three. I'm one lucky wife and mom.

That's all for now...

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Don't feel guilty, Hope. The days and years go by so fast (trite but true) and you are doing exactly what you need to right now. You have a beautiful family! And I've been having fun playing with sourdough too!
    Deborah (Miss Rohrer)��

  2. I remember my Papa making sourdough pancakes. I love to bake,but sourdough looks tricky.... you are right to spend time with your family. Oh how the days go by fast. I miss thoes days. You have a beautiful family Hope. Blessings, christina

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  4. Isn't sourdough fun??!?! Your loaves look great! I need to make more than just bread now lol. You truly have a beautiful little family <3

  5. You are so right, enjoy this season of your life. Caroline is little only once and before you know it, she'll be going off to school. Great family photo.

  6. I love your blog ( a newish reader). Enjoy the precious years - they will fly by!

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