Monday, April 3, 2017

Caroline Turns 3

Caroline turned three yesterday so we celebrated with a butterfly party. She reminds me of a butterfly fluttering around- so it seemed fitting to use butterflies as a theme. This year her birthday really seemed to 'click' and she anticipated the day for weeks. She brings so much joy to our home- we are so grateful for her precious life.

 Birthday breakfast.

 We colored eggs with the children. They had so much fun.

With Love,

Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Spring!

Oh, how I love Spring. The days are getting longer and daffodils are blooming. I'm dreaming of summer meals already!

We made donuts when it snowed in MARCH.

We are so grateful for God's precious gift to us.

We weren't sure if we could have any children and now
to think we will be a family of four! My heart goes out to 
anyone suffering from infertility... God cares for you and
will carry you every step of the way.  

We picked some daffodils to celebrate Spring today!