Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trophy Hog

Here was the conversation the morning before he made the kill.

"Honey, come! There is a huge groundhog out here."
Josh runs to the window to look.
"I'm going to shoot him"
"But honey, he looks so happy, plus he could be Mr. Moore's pet."
"He is a rodent, and look he's digging holes under the barn"
"Honey, you better wait and ask Mr. Moore if you can shoot his ground hog."
So, Josh put down his gun.

Later that evening the groundhog was grazing again.
Josh couldn't take it any longer.
Josh runs out the door yelling, "Come and look!"
I wasn't that excited so I stayed in the warm house
Then he comes to the door and asks if I can take pictures.
I couldn't turn him down.


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