Thursday, November 18, 2010

Doughnut Day

Last Saturday, I headed down to my sister, Faith's, to make
doughnuts. There is nothing like spending time with your
family and making doughnuts.
Days like these are when I miss my sister, Charity.
One day in heaven we will able to spend all kinds
of time together as sisters.

Austy, the glaze maker.

Big eyes and big bite.

Hold on to your doughnut Sawyer, it might get away!

He no longer 'winks' with two eyes.

After we were finished, I gave the boys their Saturday night bath.
I remember those days, mostly in the summer,
when the swimming pool was a bath tub and having to
take a bath and wash our hair was considered a crime.
I remember mom hollering up the stairs,
"Girls, did you wash your feet before you went to bed?"
We would jump out of bed and run to the sink
and 'rinse' them off as most kids do.


p.s. If you want our doughnut recipe, leave a comment.
Mom's doughnuts are the best!
I don't have it with me now, but if someone wants
it I would be happy to post it.


  1. Hi Hope,
    I would like to have your doughnut recipe. I read it and it really sounds awesome. I do not have a bread machine.

  2. Hi Hope,

    I would like to have your doughnut recipe. The kids at our church would enjoy these at after service on Sunday morning or at Wednesday night when they have children activities. I do not have a bread machine. Thanks. Darnita P.S. my email address is

  3. I would like to have your Doughnut recipe

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