Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun

The day before Thanksgiving, I hosted the Noel Farm Thanksgiving dinner.
I had the children come early to play and make crafts.

We had a grand time making a big ol' mess,
with icing up to our elbows.

Meredith adding the feathers.

Trenton adding a beak.

Amanda and I making a mess.

The final product.

We made an Oreo turkey for each plate and
then made turkeys from paper bags.
Gotta love their spoon heads.

The boys watching the men shoot skeet's.

26 folks around our table and I'm very thankful for each one of them.

Everyone brought a dish so that made having
a houseful of company very easy.

Wonderful turkey and dressing ball's made by Beth and Maggie.

Mom's sugar cookies.

I made the pies- pecan and pumpkin.

We live in a land of plenty with so much to be
thankful for and we still complain.


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  1. What nice memories I have of your place. And now it's wonderful that your family can make memories there too. I love the little oreo turkeys. And I love your family all around that big long table. Beautiful!!!!