Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Wreath Making

Every year, for the past three years, I invite a group
of my friends over to make Christmas wreaths.

We had a wonderful time- Christmas music playing,
hot coffee to sip and each others company.

I usually make a wreath for myself and then
make some as gifts for my close friends.
It's a inexpensive yet personal gift they 
can enjoy for a few months.
I reuse their grape vine wreaths from last year
and refill it for them as a gift.

An overview of our wreath making table with Suetta.

Sheri all happy about her bow.

Her finished product, ready to grace their chimney.

Karana wiring on her bow.

My dear, sister Faith came too.

Just buy a grape vine wreath for about $3.99, add the pine and trimmings,
and you have yourself a savvy gift.
(LL Bean sells their real wreaths for $45.00. $ave Big!)

 There are so many options to add to your wreath.
You can add pine cones and berries...
or fake fruit that looks real.

My sister brought these charming bells.
"You can also eat them for fiber," says Sawyer Jay.

Clusters of pine cones and berries are hard to beat.

Magnolia leaves add a classy touch.

Ribbon options are endless.

Multi-tasking aunt Hope.

A few of us made Christmas centerpieces.

Later we coated pretzel sticks with white and dark chocolate.
Another Holiday gift idea that's personal and thrifty.

The finished gift.

By the end of the day fourteen wreaths were made.
We are thinking of making some and selling them next year.
Let me know if you are interested.


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  1. I am so excited about this post!! Today at work I began thinking of how i could do this very thing with the young Jr. and Intermediate girls at our church. I think they'd really like it. I'll need to start watching for ribbons and other pretties to add. Thank you!!