Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sewing Retreat 2011

Every year Joshua's aunts and cousins
get together for a week of sewing.
Some piece quilts, some sew dresses and some
create crafty things- all done by the hands God has blessed us with.
When I was down there sewing with them I thought about all of the 
talent- but without hands it would be impossible to create these things.
Thank you Jesus for the blessing of hands.

I spent my evenings this week sewing at my in-laws, which is where
the sewing retreat took place. It was a fun time of fellowship
and catching up on stories of days gone by.

Dear Grandmother, the reason for all the sewing sisters.

Grandmother pieces these velvet, doll blankets for her grandchildren.

Aunt June with her beautiful, velvet fans.

A close up of Aunt June's intricate work.

Aunt Coleen cutting out a comfort.

Aunt Julia multitasking.

More of Aunt Julia's bright creations.

Aunt Polly piecing squares for the lovely, velvet comfort behind her.

Mom cutting out her comfort squares.

Nothing a picker can't pick out. I had a wonderful time
sewing beside mom at the sewing retreat.

 Mom's squares laid out to be sewn together.

Aunt Emily's creative baskets.

Clair Bleu's crafty purse.

Aunt Barbara's intricate quilt. 
I think it should be named "Amish Grace"

Aunt Cheryl's cheery sunflowers. She is making them into
a wall hanging for her laundry room.

Another photo of Aunt Cheryl's handiwork.

Myself and the four things I sewed.

I used fabric paint and stenciled some of the squares.

I also made a few rosette's. They are very easy to make.
Just cut circles to form a flower and melt the edges.

Just hand sew the petals together and top with a glass bead.

One half of the sewing room with busy workers.

The other half set and talked.

False, they worked too.

Speaking of working- does this look like work to you?

It was a fun and relaxing week!



  1. Oh Hope, Your post just made me miss HOME :) I absolutely LOVE LOVE the rosette's!!!!!!!!!!! What kinda of material did you make them from?? You're quilt is sooooo beautiful!!! Is that for your and josh's new room once its painted? It looks simple,,, do you think I could master one :) Miss you gal!!!!

  2. P.S I'm real jealous you got to sit and sew by mommy dear!! :)

  3. And a dear she is. I love her. ... and all the rest too. I'm so glad you joined us as much as you could. And thanks too for the lovely meal and tour of your house. Great times!

  4. Sheri, I used some fabric Aunt June had- it was thin and silky. The quilt was very simple to make, if you come next year I will help you make one. I think I will put it on a guest bed upstairs. Miss you too.

  5. Hey girlfriend looks like you have been very busy. I love your new summer dresses!!!!!!

  6. So... this is really awesome! Explain me. You were in someone's home? a retreat center? For a whole week? Did you all stay in one place?

    How does this {dream of mine!} happen? So awesome. And to sit and sew beside your mom. How much fun is that.