Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Gift Ideas

Have trouble coming up with Birthday
gift ideas for your friends?
I thought I'd share a idea I 
came up with that's a real life saver.
I keep a window seal full of plants in cool
pots to give as gifts when I'm needing a quick one.

It's a fun but useful gift- it doesn't die
like bouquet of flowers.
Well unless you forget to water it.

 $2.95 fern from Walmart in a Micheal's $4.99 pot 40% off = $5.95

 We gave these baby tear plants as favors at our wedding.
I have made many gifts from these by splitting the plants
and planting them in a new flower pot.

 Add a thrift store find to make your gift even prettier.

A great bridal shower gift idea- these tapestry trees
are at Walmart for $12.00. I couldn't pass it up.


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  1. As one who is always looking for practical gifts to give away, I really enjoyed this post. Congratulations on your new store! I'm glad it's not keeping you from blogging.:-)