Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hannah's Bridal Shower

We had a shower for my dear,
sister-in-law, Hannah last evening.
She was showered with many useful gifts
to help start her and Mike's new home.

The ladies from her church planned the
shower and did a wonderful job.
I helped out a little with arranging the
flowers and making a relish tray.

Here are a few photos for the Aunties
and family from out of state.

The gifts.

The blushing, bride to be.

More folks and Hannah.

The wonderful food prepared by different ladies.

The flowers.

Mike, her fiance, drove here last night.
It's less than two weeks until their wedding.

Can't wait!



  1. Beautiful photos, and thanks again for all you contributed! - Amy

  2. Thanks for sharing in the excitment of getting ready for Hannah's wedding. It all looked so beautiful!

  3. Hope, This was very special for me to see!! It's hard for me to be out here when all this is going on.. so thank you!!! Can't wait to see every body and be part of the action starting tomorrow :) Love ya ~ Sheri