Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dan's Grilled Chicken

My hubby came home from
work the other day talking
about 'Dan's grilled chicken'.

Dan, his co-worker, brought some
delicious, grilled chicken to work and let
Josh try it. He said all it had on it was 
soy sauce and Greek seasoning.

I said, "that's all."
And he said, "yes, we should try it."
Well, this is the second time we've
tried it and it sure is delicious.

I'm not a plan-ahead kind
of cook (if you haven't noticed).
I usually dream up what I'm going
to fix for dinner on the way home
from work and then stop by
the grocery store if I need something.

So, with that being said, I can't
plan ahead to marinate chicken,
unless it's Sunday lunch.
So this recipe is the one for me.

Prepared in 15 minutes. This can't be beat.

Where's the recipe?

There's none!
Well, kinda.

While grilling chicken, drizzle with soy sauce and
sprinkle Greek seasoning on each side.

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  1. mmm my kind of cooking! =) i've entertained the idea of a weekly menu plan but it never works for me. i'm much happier with last min inspirations. So glad you shared this idea! maybe tonight... =)