Sunday, September 30, 2012

Barn Sale 2012

We couldn't have asked for better 
weather for the barn sale yesterday.

Here are some photos...

The entrance.

Mrs. brown and her homemade goodies.

Luisa Morgan and her creative journals.
She took old books and rebound them with journal pages.

 Not sure who these people are... thanks dear sister
for all of your help. Your awesome.

 Heidi's lovely pillows.

 Ruby and her creative handwriting.

Burlap handiwork by Chirsty.
Tender fashions and her hand sewn items.
The lace headband was created by Amy.

Amy and her many creations.

 Melody's colorful corner.

I'm sad I missed photographing Alla Mitityuk and her knitting items,
the wonderful doughnuts and apple fritters by Shelia and Karana
and the savory meats by Derek and Daren.

 A big thanks to these ladies for coordinating the event.

Can't wait for next year!



  1. that looks like such a good time!!! i must say i'm slightly jealous! love the collaborative creativity :)

  2. Hope, your barn sale looked amazing~My friend and I went to a barn sale last year in was such a fun day. I'd love to have a contact for the pillows, I love them! I trying to find unique things for the store we're opening soon. Your floral designs are beautiful!