Sunday, July 28, 2013

Family Fun

My sister, Charity, who now lives in Indiana, came to surprise us last weekend. I was so surprised I shed a few tears. When the sister shows up family fun begins.

 Low Country Boil beside the river.

Boys riding through Granddad's water park in the basement.
Kiddy pool party | Aunt Hope lets all children make a mess.

 Ham alert. This baby melts my heart. It's mushy right now.
I call him Calep and pinch his cheeks. Yes with a P.

 Ham alert #2.

 Little smores crafters, "Is it done yet Aunt Hope?"
"No, I see no brown, keep roasting."
Then they hold it 2 ft. about the fire.

With five adults behind me yelling baby talk you would think
the photo would be better. But then again this adds character.
This is how they really are. No...

 ...this is how they really are.
Not sure if Caleb is supposed to shut his eyes but Sawyer
is taking care of that problem for him. Oh, Sawyer.

Come again, Calep,
Aunt Hope

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  1. My goodness, but this is PREcious. I love aunties that love their nephews and nieces! And we're a baby-talking family here too. Ha! :)