Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lake Tahoe

I'm back home! It's so good to home.

I am sorry I didn't keep posting by days but my laptop had issues and would not run blogger.

Instead of posting by day I will post by location. The next stop was lake Tahoe. We stayed there two nights in a cute, comfy cottage room. The beauty of the lake was amazing. The water is so clear and blue.

 Where we stayed, the Cottage Inn.

Emerald Bay.

 Chimney Beach.

Our own mini beach.

Cannon ball!

Nature sparkles.

 The rocks create a giant version of leap frog.

 Nothing like blue water and pine trees.

If you look hard enough you can see a wee bit
of snow on the mountains in the background.

The last photo, I promise. I could post photos all day!

Yosemite National Park coming up!



  1. Don't apologize for posting pics. They are beautiful! Makes me want to jump a plane!

  2. Oh, how beautiful it all looks.....the water looks so blue and so
    refreshing...it has been so very hot here where I live I would love
    to be out there in that cool water. How relaxing and what a beautiful
    cabin to stay in......may I ask what is on the end of the log on the picture titled 'our own mini beach'......are those bottle caps?.....
    someone was clever and creative there...love the picture!

  3. That location is DREAMY!! WOW. It looks like something from the movies. :) So so beautiful! What fun trip for you two!

  4. my heart literally clenched in my throat, that spot is so beautiful! how did you ever leave?? Gorgeous. I hope that is what Heaven looks like, at least a small part.