Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hello from the coop...

Well, I am slowly adjusting to being a stay-at-home wife, soon-to-be mom. Friday was my last day at work. It was bittersweet- I had been there for nine years. I am very grateful for the years I worked there- but I am also looking forward to seeing what this next chapter in my life brings.

What I most enjoy about staying home these days is taking my time to do things. Before, time at home was so precious it seemed like I was running around everywhere I went. Now, I have time to soak in the little things and enjoy my house work throughout the day.

Today I took a walk to the mailbox and then gathered eggs. Here is peek from the coop.

 I love all that is going on in this photo. Crazy chickens.
The one on the right seems to have her feathers ruffled a bit.

 We had quite an egg drought through the winter months.
They are slowly starting to lay again, we get around 7-9 eggs a day.

Mrs. Lace seems to enjoy the spotlight, she even posed for me.

All the chickens.

 Green, blue and brown eggs. They make baking and cooking more fun.

Happy day!


  1. love the shot of all the chickens in the corner~ funny, but since so many have chickens now and take pictures of them.. chickens have become something i find really pretty!! haha. never thought of it much before, but they really are!!

    staying home is awesome. it's going to be a fun season in your life. :))

  2. I am so happy for you to start this new chapter of your life! Though there will be hard days the good will out weigh the bad. Enjoy every moment. Love & Prayers from our family to yours. Jillian