Thursday, March 6, 2014

Where I've been...

Hello, and yes I am still alive and no I haven't had my baby yet. Between remodeling, three weeks of bed rest and no computer I haven't been able to blog. We are quickly trying to get our kitchen done before the little one arrives. It will be close, but at least the worst part of it is done.

Here is a sampling of our newly decorated house...

 We are going for more of the abstract look with our island:)
I have never missed a kitchen sink so badly.

Our baby room/bedroom.

This little angel fluttered in from Indiana.
She helped me almost everyday when I was on bed rest
and helped clean up remodeling dust numerous times.
I'm sure she will be delighted with this photo of her but it's the only
one I have. By the way, this was our kitchen in the bathroom.

Oh, how much I have learned the last month. To just let things go and sit in a chair with my feet up was stretching for me. I did it and learned so much in return. I am overwhelmed by the support from family and friends, and the ones who brought meals and helped us remodel.

I now have a stove and sink back with bottom cabinets. Whoop, whoop. I can cook again! Cooking is therapy for me and oh, did I miss it.

I am due March 27 and the doctors are sure I will deliver early. 
I guess we will see!



  1. What a lovely post! You have such a cute house!

  2. o my...the last month of pregnancy has always been so hard for me...just waiting for baby to make his/her arrival! i can imagine it would be much much harder if i were put on bed rest!!!! praying God's goodness and grace surrounds you, and that baby makes a healthy appearance as soon as he/she is able!!!!

  3. I kept checking in ..... thinking maybe baby was close to arriving.... and it's not far off. hooray. my first pregnancy was similar to yours with some bed rest the last several weeks... but I never experienced it again for any of my other pregnancy's. (give you some hope) :) I'm sure Sanford's are just so excited to meet the first grandchild. I can't wait to see more pictures of your kitchen and know it will be beautiful.
    Rachel Helmuth

  4. What a challenging few weeks for sure! The remodeling, bed rest, and lack of kitchen ~ wow... I hope the project continues quickly the next few weeks, and you experience much sweet grace in the meantime! And what excitement to think of welcoming a baby any time! xo

  5. Good to see you here again! Looking forward to hearing about the new little one. And I love the daffodil terrarium. My children would like to make one of those!
    Blessings to you in the next days and weeks...