Saturday, March 22, 2014


The last few days I have been patiently waiting for this wee one to make it's debut. After being sent to the hospital to stop contractions at 32 weeks I can't believe I'm only 5 days away from my due date. The Lord has answered our prayers in so many ways.

Here is a peek of the wee one's room. It will be in our bedroom the first little while since we have no other bedrooms downstairs. And for some reason it didn't seem right putting he or she in the kitchen or living room.

 The cradle is the one Joshua slept in as a baby.
The quilt is from Joshua's mom, a heirloom indeed.
The prints are from a second hand store and still
remain frameless for some odd reason. I only think of
it when I walk past them, oh well, tape works too.

 Songs that have been running through my mind.
God's way is best for me...
While I'm waiting, I will worship...

Resting in Him,


  1. What a sweet and perfect room waiting for your sweet one to arrive! I will keep you in my prayers...waiting is the hardest at this point! I am so excited for you Hope :).


  2. I have to agree with Julia C.... I love that your sweet baby will be in your room. And yes the waiting is the hardest but remember the wait will be worth it all... Prayers will be said for a easy delivery... take care...

  3. Oh Hope... I say that too! Worship in the waiting. Here is an acronym I use for W.A.I.T.
    Worship Awhile, Instant Time-(well-spent) ... and I have others. :)

    But you just enjoy that little one as soon as it arrives... and each thereafter. God bless!

  4. Hope, I have been thinking of you as you wait. I know what you are going through. However, it truly is a blessing to have a full-term baby. Love your little corner you have prepared for the baby. Praying for you.

  5. Hey Hope I think of you often and wonder how your doing. Every time the Calvary Announcement line calls I think maybe its news of you guys having your baby! :) I would of been at 39 weeks now which means your at 40. I'm so glad for you that you made it to 40 weeks and I'm sure the Dr.'s are surprised! Praise the Lord for answering prayer!