Tuesday, September 23, 2014

These days...

Sorry if you feel I've been slacking on blogging. One day I hope to blog faithfully again- but until then I will run after my 5 month old digging in my plants. Motherhood is amazing. And along with the amazing comes a new level of responsibility. I have been instagramming more since I can take photos with my phone and it's 'instant' meaning (faster, a lot faster, than blogging) in this mommy mind. I have my instagram feed on the side here if you would like to keep up with me that way.

A few photos of the past couple weeks. Caroline is as busy as a bee. She started crawling and pulling up at 5 months. This calls for a lot of ouchies on the hardwood floor since she tries to pull up on anything.

 Under this peaceful photo is a huge mess. I thought, "wow she is just
laying there so cute" little did I know she had pooh running out her diaper
on the floor. She must have felt better after the explosion.

 The newest discovery! 
Pulling up on the crib when she is supposed to be sleeping.

My little model.
Sporting a pair of boots made by my cousin, Kara.
She made them out of a old coat. Adorable!

This little guy waited all day for uncle Josh to come home and fish
with him. When Josh got home Sawyer caught the biggest fish in the pond!

  This little cutie was here over the weekend for the barn sale.

Have a good Tuesday!


  1. I love the shot of Josh and Sawyer! Little boys and fishing holes are the perfect combo!

  2. What a darling little baby! I eagerly look forward to all of your new posts. Oh, and I tried out the chocolate zucchini bars! Yum!

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