Tuesday, February 24, 2015

10 months and walking...

Caroline is walking, and she is getting into everything. I repeat everything.

I had been waiting for her to grow into this adorable dress gifted to me by a friend. I tried it on her today and it finally fits! I now want to go buy her all new clothes from baby Gap. Ha, I'll keep dreaming. It must be the weather- but I am in the mood to buy new everything. Furniture, clothes, baby clothes, bedroom bedding... and the list goes on. Have you ever went make-believe shopping? It's great fun! Add everything you ever wanted to your online shopping cart and then don't buy anything. It's a good way to get shopping out of your system for the day.

Here are her 10 month photos...

She found out how to get off her seat and 
then it was over. 



  1. I already have to force myself from not buying EVERYTHING in BabyGap...and my baby isn't even here yet! ;) These are the sweetest little photos...she's a natural!

  2. so cutie ! i want to share my daughter pics too!

  3. These photos are soo goood. I love all her little grins.

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